No matter how excited you may be to attend the SHRM Jacksonville 13th Annual Conference, you may find that before you can click that big REGISTER button, you still have to convince your boss to let you attend. Getting approval to attend the conference is a two-part endeavor; you need to demonstrate the benefits of the conference to your organization and then you'll need to persuade your boss that you are worth the investment of time and money!
Step 1: Review the various tracks and sessions 
Determine which sessions you want to attend and justify this selection to your boss.  With 6 live sessions, you can be sure you'll be able to craft a curriculum that will provide you and your organization with the information you need. Is your organization struggling with employee retention?  Show your supervisor the sessions that cover talent management and engagement tactics. If your organization has a challenge, there are certainly sessions that will provide you with a solution.
Step 2: Stress the value of investing in both your personal professional development 
The bottom line is, the smarter you are, the better it is for your organization!  More than most professions, HR evolves at an almost unimaginable rate.  Professional development opportunities like this one, where you can learn and interpret new trends and complicated legislation, like newly released FLSA regulations, are essential to remain current and compliant in our profession. 

If your boss may be worried about the cost or even your time away from work, remind him/her that investing in your professional development will ultimately be a positive investment for the company.  

Step 3: Find your solution providers
The Exposition Hall will host vendors showcasing a wide-range of innovative HR-related products and services that help meet your needs. You can visit the Exposition and be among the first to learn about the latest HR business solutions, discover answers to on-the-job challenges and find the tools your organization has been looking for. Consider the business opportunities that could develop from establishing connections with industry professionals and partners!
Step 4: Complete the request letter
Sometimes your boss will need it in writing, or just prefers to receive your request in an email.  Don't worry- we've got you covered!  Use our quick and easy Letter Template to list your reasons for participating and submit it to your supervisor. Feel free to tweak it as you see fit, but this letter is a great starting point for organizing your thoughts to make your case for attending the conference!
Step 5: Bring it all home
We guarantee that the learning you get at the conference will be phenomenal (and energizing).  Let your boss know that you will commit to a post-conference briefing for staff, senior management or your team, where you’ll highlight what you’ve learned from the conference. Tie your learning to your organizations long-term and short-term goals or strategic plan.  It's important to show your boss that the conference wasn't just good in theory, but that it gave you real, actionable solutions that you can implement for your organization.